A Secure Value Since 1943

TRICANA - Tapeçaria Regional de Coimbra, S.A. was founded by Mr. Joaquim Baeta, in 1943, beginning a long family tradition on the making of carpets and rugs, in which, quality and good taste have always remained present. As a prestige brand it is a solid guarantee for all the customers, that we provide products and services of excellence.


TRICANA presents a wide range of solutions for your spaces: from the traditional Arraiolos and Beiriz carpets to the internationally well known art of the Persian tapestry, extending to the variety of wall-to-wall carpets and wallpaper. TRICANA represents the most prestigious international brands.Because our customers are special, we have a personalized pre and post sale services with domicile presentation and demonstration of pieces. According to each customer's needs, we receive and present our collections in exclusive, in private and on a flexible schedule in one of TRICANA’s prestigious spaces. Or, whenever it is necessary, our specialized technicians can meet you in Continental Portugal, Azores and Madeira or even in Mozambique and Angola for a product presentation or accompanying you to the extent of our skills.

Oriental Tapestry

As leader in the national high quality tapestries market, our exclusive collections of the finest Persian and Oriental Carpets are specially highlighted. Each carpet is a unique work of art passionately woven, to be used from generation to generation as a family jewel. At TRICANA you will find the most beautiful pieces in the art of oriental tapestry, in which, beauty and comfort are joined with the techniques and ancestral knowledge of ancient Persia's great Masters. TRICANA’s specialized technicians travel regularly to the production sites in order to select the best pieces. We consider each carpet not only as an investment, but also as a work of art of unique and distinct characteristics that, considering its worth and prestige, can be passed on as a patrimonial legacy. Our carpets are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. This is another reason for you to get to know and admire our exclusive collections.

Maintenance and Technical Assistance

To preserve your carpets we have specialized cleaning, restoration and waterproofing services. Our restoration specialists from Iran and Turkey apply all their knowledge and ancestral techniques in order to protect and add value to your investment. Our services include, if needed, the visit of one of our technicians to carefully ascertain the condition of the carpet or withdrawal for an eventual intervention. TRICANA offers technical studies.


In order to present global solutions to companies and professionals, for large dimension projects, in 1990, TRICANA created a Contract Department. We provide a wide range of carpets such as Wilton, Axminster, Flotex, needle punched, PVC and others, mainly from Belgian, English and French origins. The experience and expertise of our technical counselling services and our installation teams are the reference for the national market.

Design Atelier

In 1998, TRICANA reinvested on exclusive services by creating a Design Atelier. A service by which, customers supported by a team of designers, can give wings to their imagination and design a carpet (collection pieces, recreation or modification of originals, funny and colourful carpets for children, among many others), a rug or an exclusive tapestry at your taste, choosing the techniques,  materials, colours, drawings and patterns. Throughout the last years we have carried out more than 3.000 totally customized projects. It is through our customer's recognition that we continue to develop, widen and improve the quality of our services.

Primus Inter Pares

Our commitment is to be the best among the best, as specialists in high quality tapestries and floor coverings. This is the reason why TRICANA, since its creation, has been consolidating its position on the world of manufacture and sale of carpets and floor coverings and is now a brand of prestige, quality and exclusiveness on the Portuguese market.