Terms and Conditions

Use and Access Conditions
TRICANA’s WEBSITE is designed to the commercialization of TRICANA S.A. products and services, with head office at Av. Praia da Vitória, Nr. 48-A, 1050-184 Lisbon, VAT Number 500278741, and through this number registered in Lisbon’s “Conservatória do Registo Comercial”, from now on designated “TRICANA”.
Security and Privacy
TRICANA assures security, privacy and confidentiality of all personal data and other information, given by its Customers in the register, purchase and/or payment moment at TRICANA’s WEBSITE. All data are reserved only to be used by TRICANA in the purchase and billing process.

If the Customer does not oppose to it, all data provided by him can be used by TRICANA for promotional, advertisement and/or marketing purposes. All these data will be treated by the computer system and saved in TRICANA’s database, duly registered in the National Commission of Data Protection.

All data necessary to do the payment and, as well as, its selection, are duly protected through data encryption, and only TRICANA has access to these contents.
Delivery Conditions
Items purchased through the TRICANA WEBSITE can be delivered in any location of Continental Portugal, with TRICANA committing to deliver the products, duly arranged, in average time of 15 days after the purchase and confirmation of the respective payment.

Deliveries are made from Monday to Friday, except on public holidays, between 9am and 6pm, under the following terms:

Delivery of products: deliveries will be made through a carrier contracted for this purpose by TRICANA and on a date and time to be agreed directly between the carrier and the Customer; If the Customer is unable to receive the order on the previously scheduled date, the carrier will leave a notice to the Customer to, within a maximum period of 5 working days, contact the Customer Support email – cliente@tricana.pt, in order to schedule a new date and time for delivery.

If the Customer does not receive the order on the date and time scheduled for the second delivery - and  if the customer does not reschedule the second delivery - the order will be returned to TRICANA and the Customer will have to schedule the pick-up of the order in advance, at any TRICANA store or schedule a new delivery, and the Customer will fully bear the costs of this new delivery.

To schedule deliveries, the Customer must contact Customer Support – cliente@tricana.pt.
Delivery Expenses
The applicable delivery expenses are calculated based on the amount of the order placed, and are independent of the type of delivery used and the location in mainland Portugal where the Customer wishes to receive their products.
Commercial Politic of Satisfaction and Return
Within 14 days of receiving the product(s) purchased on the TRICANA WEBSITE, the Customer may, without any penalty or need for justification, exercise their right to terminate the contract, under the legally stipulated terms. To do so, the Customer must return the product(s), accompanied by the original invoice and in the same condition in which they were delivered, including the original packaging.

The Customer may return all or part of the products ordered upon delivery. For returns after delivery, the Customer must contact TRICANA Customer Service via email – cliente@tricana.pt.

In the case of returning a product purchased at STORE TRICANA, under the terms and conditions set out above, TRICANA will reimburse the Customer for the corresponding price, within a maximum period of 30 days after the return and using the payment method used by the Customer at the time of purchase.
Customer Support and After Sales Service
Any request for clarification, suggestion or complaint must be addressed to TRICANA WEBSITE through one of the following means:

• Sending an email to cliente@tricana.pt;
• Send a registered letter to Av. Praia Vitória, nº 48-A, 1050-184 Lisboa, attention Customer Support Department;

TRICANA offers you a wide variety of products and guarantees their maximum quality, with the products displayed in the TRICANA WEBSITE covered by a two-year guarantee, under the legally stipulated terms.

If a non-conformity is found in the product purchased from the TRICANA WEBSITEE during the legal warranty period, the Customer must report it using one of the means mentioned above, identifying the order number and the non-conformity found.